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Electrical Compliance Inspections

At Hextech we provide Electrical certificates with all our installations.

We provide a electrical inspections in all markets including specialized Hazardous Areas.

Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Your electricity runs behind the scenes to allow a great variety of modern comforts.

Electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage in your residence and place of work. This is where we can be of assistance.


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The aim of Electrical Inspection.

Is to ensure that people, animals and property are protected from hazards that can arise from the operation of an electrical installation under both normal and fault conditions.

 An electrical installation has to provide protection against.

  •  Shock current
  • Over current
  • Fault current
  • Over voltage
  • Under voltage
  • Excessive temperatures 
  • Electric arcs

Benefits of an Electrical Safety Inspection.

An electrical  inspection is important for the safety of your premises and everyone in it. Getting your home’s electrical system checked by a professional will offer you peace of mind by:

  • Meeting insurance risk assessment inspections requirements.
  • Ensuring the safe operation of electrical components within your premises.
  • Identifying common electrical mistakes made by contractors and previous DIY projects.
  • Identifying electrical wiring and components that may have degraded over time.
  • Spotting oversize fuses or breakers that could lead to fire.
  • Allowing for the correction of fire and safety hazards.
  • Helping you save energy and reduce costs.
  • Letting you know the electrical in a new home is safe before you purchase it.