Where Energy Matters.

We believe in getting the work done with out the fuss.


(Domestic, Commercial, Industrial)

Hextech believes that every process should bring value to the customer and are able to service the customers efficiently with quality products at reasonable prices. The combination of these business units make Hextech unique to other in the field.

We provide full turnkey from Design, Manufacture,Install, Maintenance and repairs.

Available Contracts to suite customer needs and budgets .   

* Maintenance/Service  contracts available on all fields.

*Refrigeration Air-conditioning

Electrical devices like commercial freezers, air conditioning systems, cool rooms and market refrigeration systems are often in need of maintenance and here 24 hour break down and monitoring service is provided by qualified personnel to solve the problem without having to purchase a new system.

  • Installations
  • Services
  • Repairs
  • Cold rooms
  • De-Greening rooms
  • Misting Rooms
  • Blast Freezers

*Electrical & Automation

When safety cannot be compromised,  Hextech  delivers. All staff are accredited to provide the highest level of Engineering,

  adhering to a strict code of ethics.We offer energy Efficient solution for your home or business.

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Energy Saving Analysis with Energy Solutions
  • Electrical Tracing and Designs
  • Plant Design
  • Electrical Safety
  •  Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • E-House Design and Manufacture
  • Electrical Switchboard Design, Manufacture and Installation
  • Electrical Installations
  • Alternative Power Installations and Maintenance
  •  Maintenance and Inspections
  • Semi or full automation and instrumentation operations 
  • Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC)

*Conveyor Systems

Hextech accumulated a most impressive history of growth in the conveyor industry. A large part of this growth comes from adhering to the belief that only integrated partners can offer the expertise and the service in today's customer requirements.

Focus Areas:

  • Gravity roller
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Chain / Slat conveyor
  • Bottle slat conveyor
  • Stackers and loaders
  • Powered roller conveyor