Welcome to Hextec

Your one stop turnkey Electrical and Automation services provider

COC, Maintenance, Installations, Panel Building, Automation, Engraving

Hextec is a South African based company, providing electrical services with innovative solutions and leadership.

We have experience in multiple industries from mining to process and manufacturing,Understanding the concepts required to successfully complete projects.

Our most important focus is on safety, quality, cost and time.

Hextec's network of qualified and experienced staff and partners can provide and electrical turnkey solution from board room to industry which covers manufacture, installation, commissioning and after sales support.

We pride ourselves in quality that speaks for itself without compromising.

Dedicated to deliver quality of work and provide client satisfaction.

We are a Level-2 B-BBEE Contributor  and strive to support improvement in Africa and make a positive difference in peoples lives by providing cost effective services and technological solutions. 

 We have adopted and work according to International standards ISO 2015:9001 and currently in progress to become fully certified.

 Now offer in house engraving and labeling.


Hextech  provides an in house electrical turnkey solution from boardroom to industry which covers design drafting, manufacture, installation and commissioning including after sales and maintenance plan.

Let us keep you going.